Fair skin has always been the way to go. Especially in Asian and African countries where Caucasian skin-types are rare. Today this trend is only gaining momentum, with both men and women striving to have fairer skin. India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia are countries where skin whitening products are sold in ranges, varying from whitening skin cream, night cream to whitening under-arm deodorants and whitening body lotions. You name it, skin whitening covers almost all the segments.

Even as one part of the world is resorting to fake-tanning, fighting against unwarranted beauty trends like skin whitening and trying to prevent large MNC’s from propagating the sale of chemical-filled harmful skin products, the other half has consistently proceeded to go down the more trodden and dangerous path.

Asian women today are demanding more personalized products fit for Asian skin and no longer willing to use imported products from the US and Europe as a substitute. In order to meet this rising demand, companies are advertising, marketing and pumping an immense number of skin care products all promising to give them lighter, whiter and fairer skin, faster and better.

The Road to Cancer

Little do the consumers know that most of the components used in skin whitening products are known carcinogenic substances i.e. they are cancer-causing substances. Different products can lead to different side effects.

Constant use of skin lightening products has now proven to cause cell mutation and damage due to the absorption by the skin. These products also cause the production of free radical cells in your body that causes cancer. While cancer is the ultimate effect, organ failure, liver damage, brain damage, psychosis, depression, blood sugar irregularity etc. are some of the more noticeable immediate consequence.

Ingredients to Watch Out For


While proven to be effective, it is also proven to be a carcinogen. Up to 2% regulated use has been allowed in most countries in over-the-counter products, but more than 4% use is dangerous and toxic to the human body.


It’s a well-known fact that mercury is a toxic substance. It can cause kidney failure and damage to the nervous system. It another unregulated ingredient in most countries. We try to avoid mercury in our food, but mercury is, in fact, present in skin lightening products and easily absorbed by the skin.


Steroids (or corticosteroids) in skin care products cause vasoconstriction or thinning of the blood vessels. This causes less blood to flow to your skin to give it a pale look. However, in the long run, this can affect blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, cause depression and headaches. It also thins the skin so as to reduce melanin but this actually causes sensitivity to sun and UV rays.

BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) and BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) 

These ingredients are used in small amounts in food apart from skin products. Both are anticipated carcinogenic substances and proven to cause animal cancer, especially above a minimum limit.


This is a toxic substance used to emulsify skin creams and can contaminate cosmetics. It is unregulated in most countries.


Fragrances are used to make the skin cream or product smell nice. They usually tend to be volatile substances and can cause skin irritation and itchiness due to dryness and even inflammation in some cases.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

These symptoms mean that the product is not working out for you and are in probability doing the opposite of what it should do.

  • Ochronosis – Black-blue darkening of the skin
  • Skin Rashes
  • Damage to kidneys and nervous system
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Sensitivity to sun rays
  • Cushing syndrome
  • Skin irritation
  • Redness
  • Drying and cracking of the skin
  • Headaches are an early symptom of cancer to definitely watch out for.

Taking the High Road

Remember that any skin colour is beautiful. There is value in diversity and being able to stand out in a crowd. Resorting to using dangerous chemical substances to lighten skin without being aware of its effects and consequences is costing people their lives. Research also shows that bleaching your skin and most skin whitening products are designed to make your skin dependent on the product. This means that you could potentially never stop using the product because of reverse effects that may occur when you stop i.e your skin will start darkening and dulling. So, wishing for a fair skin is not bad but you must learn about the safe products devoid of harmful chemicals to avoid any harsh results.

Is your life less important than having fair skin? Even if you decide to have an open casket – this is probably a bad way to die. Research the products that you need to use. Find out what ingredients it has and what are harmful. Try using natural alternatives. Consult with a dermatologist to find what would work best for your skin to keep it healthy and glowing.


Safer Skin Whitening

Certain cancers may be avoided and general health improved if you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Any recommendation made to reduce cancer occurrence should not be one which could lead to an increased risk of other diseases. The recommendations which comprise the revised European Code Against Cancer should, if followed, also lead to improvements in other aspects of general health. It is also important to recognise from the outset that each individual has choices to make about their lifestyle some of which could lead to a reduction in their risk of developing cancer. These choices, and the rationale underlying their recommendation, are presented below.

European Code against Cancer and scientific justification: third version (2003)

Many aspects of general health can be improved, and certain cancers avoided, if you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Do not smoke; if you smoke, stop doing so. If you fail to stop, do not smoke in the presence of non-smokersView
Avoid ObesityView
Undertake some brisk, physical activity every dayView
Increase your daily intake and variety of vegetables and fruits: eat at least five servings daily. Limit your intake of foods containing fats from animal sourcesView
If you drink alcohol, whether beer, wine or spirits, moderate your consumption to two drinks per day if you are a man and one drink per day if you are a womanView
Care must be taken to avoid excessive sun exposure. It is specifically important to protect children and adolescents. For individuals who have a tendency to burn in the sun active protective measures must be taken throughout lifeView
Apply strictly regulations aimed at preventing any exposure to known cancercausing substances. Follow all health and safety instructions on substances which may cause cancer. Follow advice of national radiation protection officesView

There are public health programmes that could prevent cancers developing or increase the probability that a cancer may be cured

Women from 25 years of age should participate in cervical screening.This should be within programmes with quality control procedures in compliance with European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Cervical ScreeningView
Women from 50 years of age should participate in breast screening. This should be within programmes with quality control procedures in compliance with European Union Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Mammography ScreeningView
Men and women from 50 years of age should participate in colorectal screening. This should be within programmes with built-in quality assurance proceduresView
Participate in vaccination programmes against Hepatitis B Virus infectionView


Additional Items

Read About Various Screenings



Scientists have made a breakthrough discovery in the recent times. Up until this point, treating lung cancer has been an incredibly difficult task. This is mainly due to the fact that there were no treatments available that specifically targeted these types of cancers.

Collagen is a special type of protein that can be found in our bodies. It helps keep our skin structurally healthy, as well as maintaining the strength of our nails and hair. As it turns out, collagen may change a lot in regards to how the treatments will look like in the future.

So far, it’s a known fact that collagen will slow down the development of lung cancer. Squamous lung cancer is one type of cancers that was relatively untreatable prior to this point, but collagen presents itself as a new hope for combating it in the future.

The research team behind the study was funded by various different organizations, including the BBSRC, the Wellcome Trust, and the ICR. They focused their research on the collagen that can be found in the human kidney. Together, they took a detailed look at the DDR2 molecule, because it can also be found in certain squamous lung cancer growths.

lung cancerThey administered collagen to these DDR2 molecules and found that they responded to the treatment. Simultaneously, they identified a certain weakness in some tissues which leads to the development of lung cancer in the first place. That discovery alone has the power to pave the way into a very bright future of lung cancer treatments.

Medicine doesn’t have a concrete idea about the nature of these treatments, but the research will definitely set some great pointers, meaning the cure can be right outside the door. Previous research made on the subject consistently pointed towards similar conclusions, but now the medical field knows the exact correlation between the collagen and the lung cancer and how they interact with one another.

During the research, the scientists analysed over 400 different collagen-stimulated proteins. That way, they were able to pinpoint the exact one that has the potential to prevent cancer cell growth in lungs.

Another important discovery was made. Proliferation, differentiation, and motility are the kinds of cellular processes that can lead to the development of cancer. But now we know that if the collagen is present, these processes actually have the power to prevent the cancer from developing.

While the exact future of lung cancer treatments still remains a mystery, it’s certain that lung cancers will be treated in a different fashion than blood cancers, for example. Although lung cancer patients typically have relatively low chances of surviving, these discoveries will help to raise them at least by some degree, according to the words of prof. Alan Ashworth, the CEO of ICR.

Not only did the scientists get to know a lot of information regarding what might work as far as lung cancer treatments are concerned, they also received a great deal of information about what types of treatment are less likely to work. These two discoveries combined will likely accelerate the discovery of new and better ways of fighting cancer in the near future.


skin cancer in cosmetics

Many are transitioning to natural, organic, or homemade products because they fear toxic ingredients. In order to make a profit some companies use less expensive ingredients or pump in tons of preservatives which can be toxic to our bodies.

As if infertility and intense skin reactions aren’t enough some ingredients found in cosmetics can cause cancer. Carcinogens are ingredients or things you are exposed to that could possibly cause cancer. Carcinogens create cancer in the body by mutating cells and damaging DNA.

Here are a few things you should know about this serious disease:

  • Cancer can develop at any age.
  • In 2011, over 900 people died from cancer per day.
  • Studies show cancer can be linked to lifestyle.
  • There are 200 types of cancer and they each have different causes.
  • A person can also be diagnosed with cancer from the environment.  

Common Carcinogens


Why avoid Phthalates? Excessive exposure to Phthalates disrupts the endocrine system which is responsible for delivering hormones to the body. This ingredient can cause young women to enter puberty more rapidly which is linked to developing cancer later in life.

What are Phthalates used for? This chemical is used to make things feel softer. It is used on plastics and are found in many products outside the cosmetic industry.

Phthalates are found in: Nail Polish, Fragrances, products with synthetic fragrance (moisturizers, cleansers, serums etc.)


Why avoid Triclosan? This chemical is actually classified as a pesticide and can affect the body’s thyroid hormones. When the thyroid doesn’t work properly the breast tissue have issue developing properly.

What is Triclosan used for? This chemical is used as a preservative. It inhibits bacteria growth so products don’t spoil.

Triclosan is found in: Antibacterial soap, deodorant, toothpaste.


Why avoid parabens? Women who were diagnosed with breast cancer had traces of parabens present on their breast tissue. Some women are now on the hunt for paraben free deodorants since the product is applied so close to the breasts.

What are parabens used for? Parabens are used to lengthen a products shelf life.

Parabens are found in: Creams, lotions, ointments, deodorants etc.

Ethylene Oxide

Why avoid ethylene oxide? Ethylene Oxide has been linked to breast cancer in animals. It is one of 51 ingredients that is documented by the National Toxicology Program as a carcinogen.

What is ethylene oxide used for? This ingredient is used as a buffering agent in products that create suds. Sulfates are commonly used in cosmetics to make suds but can be very drying to the skin. Ethylene Oxide is added to reduce the risk of irritation.

Ethylene oxide is found in: Shampoos, body washes

Your skin is the largest organ, so large it actually has its own name (the integumentary system) and like the rest of your body should be handled with care. Despite how great a product performs it is important to check the formula to ensure your health isn’t at risk. Believe it or not there are many brands that perform effectively without toxins but it is up to you to do your research!

Skincare Watchdog is an informative website that separates skincare breakthroughs from skin care scams. As humans, beauty has always been high on our list of priorities and unfortunately companies find ways to profit from it. The Skincare Watchdog site offers:

  • Product Reviews
  • Company Reviews
  • Skin Care Advice
  • Ingredient Information

Find out what when it’s time to open your wallet and when it’s time to run, visit Skin Care Watchdog and get the real on skin care.


Source: Cancer Research UK

woman with cancer in hopital bedEven so, you’ll find items that we have to flourish in, one of which is the struggle of most cancers.

You will need a fantastic help technique to assist you tend to be combating cancer malignancy. Unless you feel your folks are sufficiently strong enough to deal with figuring out your accurate feelings and anxieties, locate a help class in your area as well as sign up for one of the many world wide web organizations.

Having a second couple of ears to pay attention with regard to info and an individual with you that’s clearheaded is beneficial in aiding with inquiries or perhaps worries is a great idea.

Carry tv sets and other enjoyment products into the room once you have been identified as having cancer, also having air conditioning can help in your living room  If you never ever desired the Tv set in the bedroom, might be most likely recommended that you consider this to be option. You are likely going to commit many hours during sex for years through treatment method. This may help you complete enough time pass a bit more rapidly if you are within recuperation.

Attempt to get Several food on a daily basis. While the desire for food may well get worse throughout remedy, you’ll want to understand that a few medicines are merely powerful whenever eaten over a entire tummy. Starchy foods can help ease a good choice if you have doubts maintaining some other meals down.

Acquire measures to safeguard the skin against the probability of cancer.

Be prepared for the good fight.

Immediately quit smoking if your doctor tells you that you have cancer. A lot of people who are afflicted with cancer have the mistaken idea that there is no longer any point in giving up cigarettes since they’re already sick. The carcinogens may greatly decrease the chance of fully recovering.

Prior to starting treatment, ask any and all questions you must to fully grasp just what physical changes your body will go through. This prepared mindset will help you to deal with the side effects of your treatment. If you will lose your hair due to chemotherapy, you should consider speaking with other patients for ideas about handling this major transition.

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is frightening and can be devastating, especially when the prognosis is unfavorable. It can be difficult to maintain a positive perspective or even to perform your everyday routine. Adopting one or several coping mechanisms can make it easier to avoid becoming discouraged and overwhelmed while you work with your doctors to treat, and hopefully cure, your cancer.

DISCLAIMER: This article describes general circumstances concerning dealing with a cancer diagnosis. It is not intended to represent medical opinion or provide medical advice. Please consult with your physician concerning specific questions about your health.

Reach Out for Support

Although you may feel alone, there are several support resources available to cancer patients. Cancer support groups allow you to discuss your treatment and emotions with other people facing similar challenges, in a safe, accepting environment. Sounding out your feelings with others can also provide validation for you, as other people in the group come forward with their own challenges related to their illnesses and treatments.

Friends and family are also often willing, even eager to provide a sounding board for you. Discussing your feelings with others can also help avoid or overcome feelings of isolation that can lead to hopelessness.  Friends and family also often feel helpless themselves; allowing them to feel as though they are providing support for you…. 

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How Hair Loss Affects People and What Are the possible Cures

People tend to suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, some even depression if they encounter hair loss or thinning in their life. Look at Wayne Rooney, world famous English footballer. He was only 22 when he first encountered hair thinning. The summer of 2010 when England national football team took part of World Cup in South Africa his performances were so bad that it brought down the whole nation’s belief into England’s football team. So imagine the feelings and distress he had to go through because of his hair thinning ad how it affected his ability to play football. It’s not easy to have the nation’s hopes resting on your shoulders, especially if it comes to football. Imagine what kind of a stress it also adds to go bald so young. 2 years later and he decided to have a hair transplant which cost near £30.000.

Unfortunately it’s not what most of us can afford so we need to turn our eyes to more affordable hair re-growth products. There’s a new hair growth product out on British and global market and we are going to have a look at this now.

It’s called HarVokse.  So why we think HarVokse is something what can help you to get your confidence back and hopefully live happier life?

One of the main differences to other hair loss products is that Har Vokse is a dual action product which not only helps to stimulate hair re-growth but also takes care and prevents from hair loss.  It is developed in one of the most expensive countries in the world, Norway, but fortunately for us here in England the price isn’t as high as we could first expect if we wanted to buy HarVokse (you can check the latest prices here: Where to buy HarVokse). It has been tried and tested in extensive trials by Norwegians and it has shown some rather amazing results.

So how exactly does HarVokse work?

As mentioned before, HarVokse is a dual action product. The perfect solution for you would be to use both of their products – Protective Treatment Spray and Hair Regrowth supplement.  HarVokse Hair Regrowth supplement what comes as one half of the product line stops hair loss at it source, creates hair regrowth and produces thicker, shinier hair. The HarVokse Protective Treatment Spray cleanses the scalp and nourishes the hair so that it becomes thicker, stronger and has more volume. … 

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A cryptocurrency is an electronic asset used as an alternative to money or instead as a medium of exchange. To verify asset exchange and secure transactions, cryptocurrency uses cryptography. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 and others followed such as cure coins, Peercoin, Namecoin, and Litecoin among others. Of late cryptocurrencies and cancer has been a debate in the health sector. These digital representations of currencies have been of much help in fighting cancer and other health issues through protein folding and promoting scientific research.

Mining cryptocurrency involves finding solutions to tough questions using a computer to earn bitcoins. Only Special software and hardware can be used to mine bitcoins and the energy consumed is no joke. The process is made tough to manage the number of bitcoins mined. Apart from making money through mining, more can be done with a computer which can be a greater good. Fighting cancer, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s preventing viruses and solving more health problems is a noble task…. 

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unintentionable weight loss and cancerUnintentional weight loss is a process of losing body weight without increasing physical activity or dieting. This is said to occur following an appetite loss or even when the same amount of calories are consumed as usual. Either way, unintentional weight loss is a disturbing issues hence a cause for concern. This condition can be extremely distressing especially when one loses too much weight which he/she cannot account for. Weight loss is normally a sign or of a serious health problem as body weight is directly proportional to diet welfare of the body. There are several causes of unintentional weight loss and one of the major causes of this is cancer.

Cancer is one of the very serious diseases in the current world. The reason behind weight loss in cancer varies depending on the type of cancer one is suffering from. The following is a list of the various types of cancer and how they contribute towards unintentional weight loss.

Endometrial Cancer (Cancer of the Uterine endometrial)

This is the type of cancer that affects the endometrial lining of the uterus. It is the most common type of uterus cancer and it accounts for around six percent of all the cancer cases in the united sates amongst women. This type of cancer causes Weight loss due to the fact that it causes disturbance to the stomach hence loss of appetite. Loss of appetite means the body will lack the essential nutrients it needs hence, leading to unintentional weight loss.

Stomach cancer

This is also known as gastric Adenocarcinoma and it affects most men aged around forty years of age. This type of cancer forms inside the stomach and causes a lot of discomfort and pain. Stomach discomfort and pain is mutually exclusive to appetite as the body is busy fighting with the intensity of pain and inflammation of the stomach lining. The end result to this is an alarming weight loss due to lack of proper diet and stress resulting from the cancer vice.

Esophageal Cancer

This is a type of cancer that attacks the lining of the esophagus. Esophagus is the tube responsible for moving food from the throat to the stomach. If the channel through which food is passed to the stomach is affected, it means that food will not be able to be swallowed and that there will be problems in swallowing. That is the main reason for weight loss as there will be no food in the system thus, the body will be emaciated alarmingly.

Liver cancer

Liver is the factory of all the activities taking place in the body, including the control of Appetite and removal of toxins. If the liver is attacked by any form of malfunction, it affects the whole body. Cancer of the liver is one of the serious conditions and a major reason behind unconditional weight loss. If the liver is affected, it affects the rate at which toxins are removed from the system. When there is an increase in toxin accumulation in the body, the nutrition system fails hence, weight loss.

Lung cancer

Cancer of the lungs also contributes a great deal, to unconditional weight loss as it leads to many conditions including lack of appetite and discomfort. As it is well known, cancer is one of the diseases which bring a lot of distress hence, leading to weight loss.


This is another non-cancerous disease which is very infectious and one of the major symptoms is tremendous weight loss and hair loss. It affects the lungs and some of the primary symptoms are persistent coughs and fevers.

Stomach ulcers

Ulcers are one of the most painful inflammations of the stomach lining whose effects are severe as they are extremely painful. Due to the discomfort caused by the pain, it eventually lead to weight loss since there will be little food taken by the patient.

Hookworm infection

Hookworms are parasites which attack the stomach and which compete with the digestive and absorption systems of the body for nutrients. An increase in competition for nutrients will render a person deficient for nutrients and end up shading a lot of weight.

Most of the unintentional weight loss causes can be tamed by either directly ingesting nutrients to the body so as to supplement on the problem that would otherwise, be caused for lack of eating.

Related Sources: 

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for teaObesity is a serious problem in many parts of the world. This is primarily due to the need to dine on the go and often at untraditional times. This epidemic has no boundaries to age, race, or any other classification. There are a few who are not plagued by the weight gain due to high metabolism rates. The majority of people do not have this luxury. It is a constant battle to maintain a healthy weight. Without an extraordinary effort daily, it is easy to fall into the category of being overweight. Fortunately there is a product available called green tea that can assist with the battle of the bulge.

What is Tava tea you ask? That is a very good question. Tava tea is a combination tea of three blended tea leaves. Wu Long tea, Green Pu Erh, and Green Sencha tea give this weight loss tea its unique flavor. Each of these leaf types serves a specific purpose to aid in weight loss and maintenance.

Wu Long tea is known for assisting with metabolism, aiding in promoting healthy skin, and strengthening teeth. Green Pu Erh also increases the rate of metabolism. Green Sencha tea completes the package by promoting healthy blood pressure levels and helping to maintain stress.

Tava is an excellent detoxifier, and promotes overall health, not just a faster metabolism. It contains essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that promote good health throughout the body. Other health benefits of this weight loss tea include a decreased risk of diabetes onset and reduction of bad cholesterol and increase in good cholesterol.

You may be wondering how green tea can improve blood pressure. Basically what happens is that the elements in the tea allow the arteries to expand which leads to efficient blood flow. This combined with the other benefits to health make the prospect of drinking tava promising.

Nothing is worse than trying to lose weight on a diet and not achieving results. This can lead to increased weight gain from stress eating which defeats the purpose of the diet. As with any weight loss program, choices will have to be made. Eating healthier and exercising more in addition to reaping the benefits of drinking this tea is what we recommend to do when trying to lose weight.

One of the great reasons for choosing this tea over other similar products is that is certified to be 100% organic. This is a very important feature, as trace chemicals in non-organic products can lead to further health complications. The purpose of Tava is to rid your body of toxins and other harmful by-products that can cause deterioration in your health.

As you can see, there are a great deal of benefits that can be realized by using green tea regularly. The tea has a pleasant, hearty flavor. Each tea bag can be steeped two to three times, and each time you steep the tea it takes on a slightly different flavor. This makes the product more valuable to you as well. After you have your first cup of tea, let the bag dry. When you are ready for a second cup, steep again and enjoy!