How Cryptocurrencies Help to Beat Cancer

A cryptocurrency is an electronic asset used as an alternative to money or instead as a medium of exchange. To verify asset exchange and secure transactions, cryptocurrency uses cryptography. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 and others followed such as cure coins, Peercoin, Namecoin, and Litecoin among others. Of late cryptocurrencies and cancer has been a debate in the health sector. These digital representations of currencies have been of much help in fighting cancer and other health issues through protein folding and promoting scientific research.

Mining cryptocurrency involves finding solutions to tough questions using a computer to earn bitcoins. Only Special software and hardware can be used to mine bitcoins and the energy consumed is no joke. The process is made tough to manage the number of bitcoins mined. Apart from making money through mining, more can be done with a computer which can be a greater good. Fighting cancer, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s preventing viruses and solving more health problems is a noble task.

To earn CureCoins, miners participate in protein folding. It is a more convenient process since anyone can do it without the unique skills of a programmer or biologists. Stanford University invented the Folding@home program that can be downloaded on the ordinary computer at home. The program imitates protein behavior on the user’s computer and sends information to Stanford University. According to medical scientists, understanding protein folding process and how it works is a highway to finding a remedy to debilitating diseases such as Huntington ’s, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Protein folding and its relation to disease

Proteins are long chains of amino acid that play a vital role in the body. Functioning as enzymes, they affect biochemical reactions needed for biology operations. They also feature as structural elements and the major constituents of muscles, skin, bones, blood vessels and hair. Furthermore, proteins act as antibodies that enable the immune system to fight invaders that may cause harm to the body. For these significant reasons, scientists have come up with a protein blueprint to understand how the proteins work easier. Understanding the sequence alone, however, may not be of ultimate benefit without the knowledge of the actual functioning process. Proteins have to be in a particular shape for them to operate efficiently. The form is referred to as a fold. Before they perform, proteins come together; a process known as folding. Folding has to be done correctly to avoid the formation of clumps. Misfolding is a terrible occurrence that may lead to diseases in the body.

Benefits of cure coins

Protein folders can use CPU, GPU or ASIC equipment and earn for their significant contribution. Most currencies, however, are in the ASIC stage or CPU/GPU stage. Folding is diverse, hard to predict and continuously changes hence CPUs and GPUs remain relevant. Investing in consumer hardware is therefore not a loss after all. Curecoin drives ASIC hardware to perform its best task, securing a block while the CPUs and GPUs do protein folding.

Curecoin is of great value as a currency and a structure for buying tradable medical research representation. With money, one can purchase CureCoins which is a representation of valuable medical or scientific research. Similarly, anyone with folding knowledge can also gain profit. The quantity of research represented by each coin grows as more folding is done.

There has been a debate on whether to limit the use of bitcoins as many people want to use it to pay bills. Illicit transactions using bitcoins is increasing as well which could be a threat to the economy. Large merchants accept payments with bitcoins, but many entrepreneurs could lose money through such trades. The good news is that there have not been issues raised over regulating CureCoins. This currency is a new dawn for the medical field as scientists can now gather more medical evidence from a larger pool than before. In the same way, cancer patients can see the possibilities of healing. People can use their computers to make a significant contribution to medical research as well as use cure coins to cater for their medical bills.

Through CureCoins, a medical research that would take more than ten years can now be carried out within a few days. Curecoin has a high chance of growth since its primary aim is individual’s participation in life-saving computational research. Soon, it will be the talk of the day on media platforms worldwide. Cancer is known to be a killer disease, but with a rise in CureCoin, a cure will be possible.