Different Alternative Physiotherapy Options

As life gets more and more stressful these days we have decided to look into different alternative physiotherapy systems. In this first article we’ll be looking into Tapping and jungian psychotherapy.

So let’s start with tapping.

Can you imagine that you could get rid of your anxiety and stress by just clicking your fingers?

If something sounds too good to be true it quite likely is. But let’s look deeper into this new type of psychotherapy then. People who exercise it claim that it can get rid of different phobias, stress, food cravings and even post-traumatic stress.

Mrs Plumber used to have a very bad condition of anxiety that she quite often found herself paralyzed with fear. It even happened when she was driving over bridges or just doing her taxes to the taxman.

Tapping involves stimulating certain points on your body, just like acupuncture does. And as we know acupuncture focuses on points of your body what should make you feel more relaxed. Mrs Plumber claims to be completely free from her fears now thanks to tapping. I guess only time will tell if tapping becomes as popular as Jungian analysis.

So what is Jungian psychoanalysis?

Just like tapping Jungian psychoanalysis is so-called alternative type of psychotherapy in which Jungian analyst and their patient work towards increasing one’s consciousness. The aim is to bring relief and meaning to patients psychological suffering by moving them towards psychological balance and wholeness. As claimed by Jungian psychologists they can treat pretty much every form of emotional disorder such as anxiety and depression, also help to pursue mental growth.

Tapping differs from Jungian analysis a lot though. If the first includes some physical contact between the patient and the person who carries the procedure out then the latter is purely verbal. So if you find that you don’t like other people touching your body then you are better off trying Jungian psychoanalysis where the analysis is purely a conversation.


We will be looking into more alternative Physiotherapy types in our future posts so stay in touch!