Fair skin has always been the way to go. Especially in Asian and African countries where Caucasian skin-types are rare. Today this trend is only gaining momentum, with both men and women striving to have fairer skin. India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia are countries where skin whitening products are sold in ranges, varying from whitening skin cream, night cream to whitening under-arm deodorants and whitening body lotions. You name it, skin whitening covers almost all the segments.

Even as one part of the world is resorting to fake-tanning, fighting against unwarranted beauty trends like skin whitening and trying to prevent large MNC’s from propagating the sale of chemical-filled harmful skin products, the other half has consistently proceeded to go down the more trodden and dangerous path.

Asian women today are demanding more personalized products fit for Asian skin and no longer willing to use imported products from the US and Europe as a substitute. In order to meet this rising demand, companies are advertising, marketing and pumping an immense number of skin care products all promising to give them lighter, whiter and fairer skin, faster and better.

The Road to Cancer

Little do the consumers know that most of the components used in skin whitening products are known carcinogenic substances i.e. they are cancer-causing substances. Different products can lead to different side effects…. 

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