skin cancer in cosmetics

Many are transitioning to natural, organic, or homemade products because they fear toxic ingredients. In order to make a profit some companies use less expensive ingredients or pump in tons of preservatives which can be toxic to our bodies.

As if infertility and intense skin reactions aren’t enough some ingredients found in cosmetics can cause cancer. Carcinogens are ingredients or things you are exposed to that could possibly cause cancer. Carcinogens create cancer in the body by mutating cells and damaging DNA.

Here are a few things you should know about this serious disease:

  • Cancer can develop at any age.
  • In 2011, over 900 people died from cancer per day.
  • Studies show cancer can be linked to lifestyle.
  • There are 200 types of cancer and they each have different causes.
  • A person can also be diagnosed with cancer from the environment.  

Common Carcinogens


Why avoid Phthalates? Excessive exposure to Phthalates disrupts the endocrine system which is responsible for delivering hormones to the body. This ingredient can cause young women to enter puberty more rapidly which is linked to developing cancer later in life.

What are Phthalates used for? This chemical is used to make things feel softer. It is used on plastics and are found in many products outside the cosmetic industry.

Phthalates are found in: Nail Polish, Fragrances, products with synthetic fragrance (moisturizers, cleansers, serums etc.)


Why avoid Triclosan? This chemical is actually classified as a pesticide and can affect the body’s thyroid hormones. When the thyroid doesn’t work properly the breast tissue have issue developing properly.

What is Triclosan used for? This chemical is used as a preservative. It inhibits bacteria growth so products don’t spoil.

Triclosan is found in: Antibacterial soap, deodorant, toothpaste.


Why avoid parabens? Women who were diagnosed with breast cancer had traces of parabens present on their breast tissue. Some women are now on the hunt for paraben free deodorants since the product is applied so close to the breasts.

What are parabens used for? Parabens are used to lengthen a products shelf life.

Parabens are found in: Creams, lotions, ointments, deodorants etc.

Ethylene Oxide

Why avoid ethylene oxide? Ethylene Oxide has been linked to breast cancer in animals. It is one of 51 ingredients that is documented by the National Toxicology Program as a carcinogen.

What is ethylene oxide used for? This ingredient is used as a buffering agent in products that create suds. Sulfates are commonly used in cosmetics to make suds but can be very drying to the skin. Ethylene Oxide is added to reduce the risk of irritation.

Ethylene oxide is found in: Shampoos, body washes

Your skin is the largest organ, so large it actually has its own name (the integumentary system) and like the rest of your body should be handled with care. Despite how great a product performs it is important to check the formula to ensure your health isn’t at risk. Believe it or not there are many brands that perform effectively without toxins but it is up to you to do your research!

Skincare Watchdog is an informative website that separates skincare breakthroughs from skin care scams. As humans, beauty has always been high on our list of priorities and unfortunately companies find ways to profit from it. The Skincare Watchdog site offers:

  • Product Reviews
  • Company Reviews
  • Skin Care Advice
  • Ingredient Information

Find out what when it’s time to open your wallet and when it’s time to run, visit Skin Care Watchdog and get the real on skin care.


Source: Cancer Research UK

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for teaObesity is a serious problem in many parts of the world. This is primarily due to the need to dine on the go and often at untraditional times. This epidemic has no boundaries to age, race, or any other classification. There are a few who are not plagued by the weight gain due to high metabolism rates. The majority of people do not have this luxury. It is a constant battle to maintain a healthy weight. Without an extraordinary effort daily, it is easy to fall into the category of being overweight. Fortunately there is a product available called green tea that can assist with the battle of the bulge.

What is Tava tea you ask? That is a very good question. Tava tea is a combination tea of three blended tea leaves. Wu Long tea, Green Pu Erh, and Green Sencha tea give this weight loss tea its unique flavor. Each of these leaf types serves a specific purpose to aid in weight loss and maintenance.

Wu Long tea is known for assisting with metabolism, aiding in promoting healthy skin, and strengthening teeth. Green Pu Erh also increases the rate of metabolism. Green Sencha tea completes the package by promoting healthy blood pressure levels and helping to maintain stress.

Tava is an excellent detoxifier, and promotes overall health, not just a faster metabolism. It contains essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that promote good health throughout the body. Other health benefits of this weight loss tea include a decreased risk of diabetes onset and reduction of bad cholesterol and increase in good cholesterol.

You may be wondering how green tea can improve blood pressure. Basically what happens is that the elements in the tea allow the arteries to expand which leads to efficient blood flow. This combined with the other benefits to health make the prospect of drinking tava promising.

Nothing is worse than trying to lose weight on a diet and not achieving results. This can lead to increased weight gain from stress eating which defeats the purpose of the diet. As with any weight loss program, choices will have to be made. Eating healthier and exercising more in addition to reaping the benefits of drinking this tea is what we recommend to do when trying to lose weight.

One of the great reasons for choosing this tea over other similar products is that is certified to be 100% organic. This is a very important feature, as trace chemicals in non-organic products can lead to further health complications. The purpose of Tava is to rid your body of toxins and other harmful by-products that can cause deterioration in your health.

As you can see, there are a great deal of benefits that can be realized by using green tea regularly. The tea has a pleasant, hearty flavor. Each tea bag can be steeped two to three times, and each time you steep the tea it takes on a slightly different flavor. This makes the product more valuable to you as well. After you have your first cup of tea, let the bag dry. When you are ready for a second cup, steep again and enjoy!

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