What is Depression, How to Beat It, and Who Are The Sufferers

Feeling sad and unhappy is part of our everyday life. But when the feeling of sadness and despair won’t go away it may be depression. Depression is a mental illness that can be costly and debilitating to sufferers. When someone is affected by depression they might find it extremely hard to enjoy life. Even simplest things like getting through another day can be overwhelming. There is hope though and you can get better. But you need to understand depression and only then you can find out how to overcome depression.
We have stumbled across a website and found this piece of information there (source – ihowtostopanxiety):

There are numerous exercises that a person can try to overcome their depression. The most effective exercise is “breathing deeply”. For a patient undergoing a bout of depression or feeling depressed, it is advised that they start focusing on their breathing and inhale and exhale slowly, in a relaxed manner. This will help them overcome the stress that causes depression while on the other hand also curbs lethargy and the feeling of dejection and melancholy. The ideal way to do this exercise is to sit in a chair in an upright posture or even on the floor but confirm that you posture is straight and upright and start breathing slowly while concentrating on the movements of your lungs, stomach and the diaphragm. Keep doing this until you feel that the symptoms have subsided.

And they also add:

Another good exercise to curb depression is to take walks. Many doctors and psychologists recommend to their patients that they start walking. Taking walks with your wife or friends or even with your dog if you have one can be of immense help to increase the endorphin levels in you, therefore assisting in cutting out depression. It is recommended that you walk in a serene locality so that the walks are peaceful and relaxing.

We find this last piece of advice to be especially valuable as walking doesn’t only help you to overcome depression but it is also extremely good if you needed to lose weight. Also, getting out of house and enjoying some fresh air is good.

Who tends to be most depressed?

According to www.cdc.gov latest study 1 in 10 people in America reports depression. People in the following list can be most depressed:

  • Between 45 and 64 years of age
  • Women
  • Black, Hispanics, non-Hispanic persons of other races or multiple races
  • Persons with less than a high school education
  • Those previously married
  • People who struggle to find work or who are unable to work
  • People without health insurance coverage

These are gruelling numbers considering there are over 300 million people in the USA. That makes the total number of depression sufferers around 30 million. Unfortunately we don’t think this number is going to get any lower any time soon as the amount people out of work will only get worse considering the global economic situation.
What are your thoughts? Do you know anyone suffering from anxiety or depression? If so please leave us a comment how they are dealing with it and also if you can maybe let us know how it affects people so other readers know more about it as well.